Dallas Locksmith and Ford

Posted on April 8, 2011 by Jaece Hogue

Dallas locksmith provides you with the best and financially smart prices! They don’t just offer great deals on unlocking your cars but specifically deal with transponder keys.


A lot of people don’t have the knowledge that Dallas locksmith businesses provide you with low priced transponder keys for your Ford vehicle.


The difference between Dallas locksmith companies and your local dealership is that they offer transponder keys for every make and model car. So if you went just to an Acura car dealership you wouldn’t be able to get a Ford transponder key reprogrammed or remade.


If you went to a Ford dealership you would pay up to 300% more for just one transponder key. They would most likely charge you between $80 to $450 to get it made and maybe some additional prices on top of that to get it specifically programmed.


Ford transponder keys can be found at your local Dallas locksmith for an unbelievable price! They also do onsite reprogramming so that you don’t have to come into the shop to get it done. They area always wanting and willing to meet your needs in anyway they know how.


Dallas locksmith companies always want to help! There are always specials going on so be sure to keep updated by looking at their websites, Facebook, and Twitter. It is important to them that you are 100% satisfied when we leave you from doing work.


Remember that your local car dealerships are out there to charge big money. They don’t care about giving you the best price but only receiving the most amount of money from you as they can. They are only trying to make a living but when they over charge you by 300% it can really put a damper on your wallet at the end of the day especially in these hard economical times.

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