Dallas Locksmith and Google

Posted on April 13, 2011 by Jaece Hogue

Dallas Locksmith have been classified as spam in Google’s eyes, but not all Dallas Locksmiths are spam or illegal, in fact a lot are legitimate and trustworthy. Here at A-1 we want to share with you what is happening that is affecting you when you search for Dallas locksmith.

There are so many different businesses to choose from when Googling Dallas Locksmith, I mean their are tons of sites that show up and especially in the Google Places area you will find different sites rated differently each day.

You might click on one site and look at their reviews and say, “hey, wow they have a lot of great reviews”, but honestly we all know that can be scammed as well. So what do you need to do to make sure you are getting a legit professional company that is going to be able to come out and do the work you need done?

It’s not about just calling any Dallas locksmith but its about out calling the right one. You want to make sure that the company is legit and real. Think about it for a minute if you call some place and they forward your call to another branch someplace else and the number you call is like, 880, 800, 866, it should make you think, “is this a legitimate company?”

What you are looking for is a Dallas Locksmith company like A-1 that has a brick and mortar building and that actually has technicians that are licensed through the State of Texas. And we aren’t just the only brick and mortar building, their are some other good ones as well. But you won’t find us, a shop owned store, using 800’s #’s. That just doesn’t happen when you are a local store, they want the local community calling not some distant person from a different state ringing their telephone lines.

Make sure you always look at the number first before you call so that you don’t have an illegal opening up your car.


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