Dallas Locksmith Tricks of the Trade.

Posted on January 5, 2011 by Jaece Hogue

Dallas locksmith tools of the trade. I thought I’d touch on some lock picking tricks that a dallas locksmith would use in the industry on both residential and automotive locks. Please note that it takes lots and lots of practice to get these techniques down yourself and if you mess up you could ruin the delicate assembly of your unit. It’s always better to give us a call at (972) 284-7500.

The first technique I’ll mention is lock bumping. Heres how it works:

Your basic lock is composed of a bunch of pins on springs organized into stacks. When the proper key is inserted, all of the pins align along the ‘shear line’, and the cylinder is able to turn. To bump a lock, a dallas locksmith will insert a special ‘bump’ key one notch short of full insertion. The teeth of the bump key hit all of the bottom pins in the lock, forcing them for just a split second to be all aligned in the shear line. 

Dallas locksmith Lock bumping takes only a split second to use and can open a lock in less than 30 seconds, also it is a less risky option for opening most locks. However, today, many locks are engineered to be ‘bump-proof.’ This is why you should always call your Dallas locksmith technician out to work on your home.

Car locks are not vulnerable to bumping.

You’ll need a Dallas locksmith or dealer to pick or program your car key for you. There are many D0-it-yourself transponder key kits on the market for as little as $15.00. The thing that they don’t say on the kits, however, is that all auto keys use an entirely unique set of codes. Auto manufacturers also use different encoding on their keys. So, all new cars are completely bump proof!

A-1 dallas locksmith has car and truck keys for only $40 to $175! Call for a free instant quote! 972-284-7500. Car Dealerships will charge you up to $80 to $450 for only one key and it is sometimes not even programmed. That’s a pretty intense price difference between a Dallas Locksmith and car dealerships.

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