Dallas locksmith Regulations Protect Consumers

Posted on January 5, 2011 by Jaece Hogue

The American Revolution was the event that started this great country, and never before has the world seen such a great country unlocked from such a turbulent and unordered past. It was so long ago that Dallas and Fort Worth were still occupied by various Indian tribes. It was the wisdom of key founding fathers that established first the Declaration of Independence and then the Constitution to order the government under which we live our lives.

Today, the government continues to maintain a safe, orderly lifestyle for us Americans.  Though I believe that the key to long-term success is minimal government involvement in our lives, I believe that some laws are important for our protection.

At A-1 Dallas Locksmith, it’s important to us to stay up to date with the latest government regulations because we’ve been the Dallas locksmith of choice for so many years. Unlike other Dallas locksmith companies that aren’t licensed, we’ve been in the business for over 60 years and are committed to the people of Dallas and Fort Worth. Call us today or go online for a free quote (972) 284-7500.

Other Dallas locksmith companies are often unable to obtain or maintain a license because they don’t have the same quality standards we do. When you employ illegal immigrants, like some Dallas locksmiths, it’s impossible to get a state required federal license.This license requires a federal background check and when most of those immigrants were car thieves in their home countries, it gets even hairier. A-1 locksmith is in a unique class of Dallas locksmith companies.

You can see that being licensed certainly speaks volumes about a company in this business. We’re committed to being the best locksmiths to help you install a safe, electronic locks on your front door, or to make a copy of that transponder key.

Know that should you call A-1 Dallas Locksmith you’ll be getting a company that has been in business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 60 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured and can reach you within 15 minutes. We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, the highest for a locksmith company in Dallas or Fort Worth.

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