DIY Locksmith Fails, Part 2

DIY Locksmith Fails, Part 2

Posted on May 13, 2020 by A-1

A few years ago, we took a look at some unique DIY locksmith fails and why it usually makes more sense to trust a professional locksmith for your security needs. Well, fast-forward to today and people are still making similar mistakes by pretending to be locksmiths themselves instead of turning to a professional for thelp.

Here are a few additional fails that we’ve seen:

Door or Bike?

Bike locks are great… for bikes. Not so much for vehicles (especially locksmithing vehicles).

Door or Bike


Cash Office Fail

Your business’ money is important, sure, but you’ll be spending all of it on repairing your door if you go this route.

The Upside Down

No, you’re not looking at an upside-down picture. That’s how this DIY locksmith installed the lock.


We’re not sure how this unfortunate scenario played out, but it’s a fail if we’ve ever seen one.



Failed Expectations

You can’t always depend on a machine, can you? 


I Smell A Rat

Even animals try to become DIY locksmith experts sometimes, it would seem.

I Smell A Rat


Trust A-1 Locksmith for Your Security Needs

As you can see, DIY locksmith work rarely is the best path to take. When it comes to security for your home or automobile, trust the experts instead of wasting time (and money) and putting your security at risk. Give the A-1 Locksmith professionals a call today at (972) 284-7500 for a quote or to answer any questions you may have.

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