DIY Locksmith Fails

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Jaece Hogue

For many individuals, the idea of calling a locksmith may seem unnecessary. After all, with so much information and instruction available on the internet, isn’t it easier to simply tackle the project alone, without the assistance of a professional? I mean, what could really go wrong?

Sadly, although this process of thought is fairly common, it can have devastating results, ranging from costly fixes, to situations in which your whole family may be in danger. And if you aren’t completely convinced as to the importance of hiring a skilled professional for any and all of your security needs, take a look at the following few DIY locksmith fails, which may change your mind about calling a local locksmith in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Can’t Quite Unlock the Door…

Can you imagine finishing up a project like this, only to realize your key access was blocked and you had to start all over again?

Jumping Up to Reach the Lock


What’s the point of installing a deadbolt by yourself if you can’t even reach the lock?

Doorknob Won’t Turn – I Wonder Why?


This DIY job looks perfect – until you turn the handle and realize it’s blocked by the door itself.

An Open Invitation to Come Inside


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You may have installed the keypad correctly – but it’s useless if you tell everyone how to get inside.

Is This Handle Upside Down?


There may not be anything structurally wrong with this installation job – but a professional Dallas-Fort Worth locksmith can make sure you don’t install your handle upside down.

How Many Times Did it Take to Get it Right?

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It looks like this individual had to take more than one shot at getting it right. There’s no need to put yourself in this situation; instead, make your life easier by calling a professional locksmith in the Metroplex.

Let Our Skilled Professionals Help You Today

If there is one thing that we can learn from these pictures, it’s that DIY locksmith work is rarely the right path to take. Instead of wasting your time and putting your security at risk, consider contacting the dedicated professionals at A-1 Locksmith today. We have been serving the Metroplex area for decades, and we are happy to help you in any way that we can.

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