Home Security Checklist 2017

Posted on December 15, 2016 by Jaece Hogue

As homeowners, many of us take a variety of different precautions to ensure that our house and the contents within are safe from intruders. Of course, this may include locking the doors at all times, keeping lights on when we go on vacation, and even setting an alarm every time we leave the house.


But while these are smart actions to take to keep the house secure, they may not be enough today, especially with the rapid advances in technology over the past few years. Instead, consider these few ideas to keep on your security checklist that will help you protect your home throughout this year.


Turn Off All Cameras in the House


Do you have a camera in your home that you use to view the kids while they’re playing in their room? While this may help you keep watch on the little ones during playtime, it may, in fact, leave your home vulnerable. To be sure, a January 2017 article published in Ars Technica asserts that webcam feeds using the Real Time Streaming Protocol may be viewed by online users, as long as no password authentication is in place. Make sure to create a password for the camera feed, and turn it off until you do so.


Don’t Tell Social Media You’re Leaving on Vacation


You may be ecstatic that you’re about to spend the next few weeks on the beach with your family. But in all of your excitement, make sure to avoid posting this information to your social media pages. By informing the public that you will be out of the house for a period of time, you are ultimately broadcasting to the world that your home may be uninhabited and vulnerable. If you must tell your friends online, however, make sure that the post is only viewable by those with whom you have chosen to connect.


Install a Security System


Finally, gone are the days when a simple lock and key are enough to keep your home safe and sound. Instead, if you wish to keep your house secure, it is in your best interests to install a security system with the help of A-1 Locksmith in Dallas. Our various security systems come complete with intercoms, video surveillance, alarms, and more to help give you peace of mind wherever you may be.


Don’t wait any longer to protect your home. Contact A-1 Locksmith today and let us provide you with the security you need. We can even provide a security audit for your business and consultation on measures to protect your home or business.

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