Dallas Locksmith Says No To Burglaries, Part II

Posted on November 20, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Dallas locksmith blog “Just Say No To Burglary, Part I” highlighted the FBI crime statistics for burglary, its incidence, and the need for all homeowners to take steps to prevent it.  Also included in that blog was the advice to contact a professional, trusted locksmith such as A-1 Locksmiths (at 972-284-7500), in order to beef up existing home security measures.  Listed below are some measures that a professional locksmith can take to help homeowners improve security.

  • Dallas locksmith encourages homeowners to lock their exterior doors and windows.  Approximately thirty-two percent (32%) of burglaries occur without forcible entry, and, certainly, an unlocked door or window is an invitation to burglars. The simplest and easiest method to prevent burglaries is always to lock up!
  • Install high security door locks in place of ones that are older, cheaper, or easier to break or “jimmy.”  The old adage “You get what you pay for” is particularly true here.  Sure, high security door locks might cost a little more up front, but they can save money by preventing the increased insurance costs that result from burglary claims.
  • Dallas locksmith supports homeowners in installing quality, solid-material doors, particularly steel or fiberglass, which tend to hold up better under the stress of a kick or blow.  Likewise, doors with minimal glass are more apt to help prevent break-ins as well.
  • Install peepholes in doors so that residents can clearly see who is outside and if that person is someone to whom they want to provide entry.
  • Dallas locksmith wants to strengthen door jambs by installing reinforced metal strike boxes, reinforced strike plates, and three-inch screws. In most instances where burglars are able to gain access to a home by breaching a door, the door jamb fails due to cracking or splitting.  Adding metal-reinforced strike plates and longer screws that reach through the door jamb into the door framing help to bolster the resulting strength of the door jamb and prevent easy break-ins.
  • Re-keying doors or changing locks by Dallas locksmith if there has been a situation that compromises a home’s security (e.g. lost keys, change in family unit, previous break-ins).

For an experienced locksmith, all of these measures are relatively quick and easy solutions that can provide the peace of mind that we all want to have in our homes.  Thus, for all of your home security upgrade needs, contact A-1 Locksmiths located at 2685 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX 75229—(214) 350-2021.  They are available 24/7 in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Plano areas.

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