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Posted on November 2, 2010 by Jaece Hogue
The lowly locksmith Dallas key fob…….Wondering where it came from and what inspired the creative genius who invented it?

Necessity is the mother of invention.
To answer questions on the origin of a little-appreciated yet very useful tool in the locksmith Dallas fob industry, we must delve into human history.
Sometime after mankind moved out of caves and started living in houses, there developed a need for a means of enclosing and securing the belongings possessed by the humans living there. Thus, the door—and a means of locking that door—was born. Early locks were simple, perhaps a solid wooden board dropped between two wooden or metal brackets behind a door, but they have been around for many years.
As lock technology developed over time, so, too, did the applications for which locks were utilized by A-1 Locksmith Dallas. People work hard to secure everything from guns to computers. Of course, all these locks, while they provide us with additional security, also come with an added challenge: each one requires us to get another key that we must not lose.
So as more and more keys came into our possession, mankind devised a way to keep them all together and somewhat organized.
Enter the key ring, stage right. The key ring was an early attempt to organize our keys, but eventually the ring became more ornamental. People attached all kinds of decorations to the key ring; and the decorations, sometimes called “key fobs,” became very personalized. The locksmith Dallas key fobs have evolved just as quickly keys did, as the fob industryhas responded to customer desires, wisely anticipating the gimmicks that will please consumers.
This former luxury is now standard on virtually all cars, and it seems weird to encounter a car that does not employ an electronic key fob. Many of us still carry key rings with far more keys than we would like to carry, and many of us still encounter the inevitable loss of those keys or the frustrating dilemma of getting locked out. In such a scenario, experts such as those employed by A-1 Locksmith Dallas can help. With 24-hour service in the DFW area and a history of helping those who find themselves locked out, A-1 Locksmith Dallas has prided itself on making it easier on all of us who carry keys.

Thus, we are only left with one question:

To fob or not to fob?

A-1 Locksmith Dallas can be reached at 972-284-7500.
For emergency service, please call 972-284-7516.
Fortunately, many car companies noticed a trend here and applied growing locksmith Dallas technology to create a key fob that allowed car owners to open—and sometimes start the engine of— their cars without a key.
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