What to Do When Your Key Is Stuck in the Lock of Your Home

What to Do When Your Key Is Stuck in the Lock of Your Home

Posted on July 23, 2020 by A-1

You’ve just gotten home after a long day of work. You put your key in your home’s lock, turn it, open the door, pull the key and… it doesn’t come out. Your key is stuck in the lock. What do you do? You can attempt to fix it yourself, but you risk the potential of breaking off the key in the lock and then you’ll be in a worse situation than you started. More preferably, you can call a professional residential locksmith to fix it right the first time. Let’s talk about your options.

Option #1: Thaw the Lock

If the weather is cold, it’s possible the lock is frozen. If you have access to a hair dryer (ask the neighbor?), you can attempt to thaw the ice in and around the lock, then pull the key out like normal. If you experience this issue often, there might be a ventilation issue. If the weather is warm, though, go ahead and move on to other options.

Option #2: Add Lubricant

It’s also possible the key has sharp edges or there’s a loose component in the lock. Both situations can cause the key to stick. If you have access to WD-40 or another type of lubricant, you can spray it directly in the keyhole and wiggle the key gently up and down to try and get it out. (Don’t wiggle side-to-side, as that’s a bigger risk for the key breaking.)

Option#3: Push and Pull

This is also risky for a key breaking off, but you can attempt to push the key in further and turn it so it’s in the same position it was when you put it in the lock. Then pull it out. If that doesn’t work, push and align like before, but push firmly on the face of the lock with your other hand and try again. The goal here is to align the tumblers inside the lock so the key will come out.

Option #4: Call a Professional Locksmith

If you want to save yourself time, hassle and possible further expense, consider calling a professional locksmith to handle it right away. A locksmith has the experience and tools necessary to make it a quick job. Locksmiths handle hundreds of stuck keys a year and can also help repair your lock if needed.

Whether your key is stuck in the lock of your home or you have another residential security issue, you can trust the team at A-1 Locksmith. Give us a call at (972) 284-7500 today.

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