Why Improving Home Security Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

Why Improving Home Security Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on January 2, 2020 by A-1

Ah… New Year’s Resolutions. Some people couldn’t care less about them. Others use them as an opportunity to better themselves. Regardless of which one describes you, the fact remains that a new year is upon us and it’s a new chance to think about your home’s security.

While many traditionally use the new year to lose weight or kick bad habits, home security is unique in that it affects more than just yourself—it impacts everyone in your home. Let’s take a look at why improving home security should be your New Year’s Resolution.

Benefits of Improving Home Security

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just for announcing on social media. They come with several benefits. If you eat healthier, for example, you’ll enjoy benefits like losing weight, feeling better, experiencing fewer digestive issues and so on. Home security is the same way. When you improve the security of your home, it benefits you and your family in several ways:

  • Deter criminals: Burglars are attracted to homes that don’t have security measures in place. In fact, homes without a security system are 300% more likely to get broken into than homes with a security system.
  • Keep valuables safe: Improved home security also ensures your valuable items are kept safe. For extra security, you can invest in a home or gun safe to add another layer of security in your home and protect things like documents, photos, jewelry and guns.
  • Monitor remotely: Get extra peace of mind when you’re at work or on vacation by being able to check in on a video feed of your home. Many modern security systems have this feature pre-installed.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Most insurance companies offer savings for homes with security systems or other security features.

The only question is, how do you actually improve home security? Let’s take a look.

Ways to Improve Home Security

When it comes to improving home security, you can do it yourself or hire professionals. The first option can be complex (and not give you the peace of mind you desire). The second option introduces some intricacies such as deciding whether to go with the manufacturer’s service department or go with a local service company that offers home security as part of a larger portfolio. As an example, A-1 Locksmith Security & Safes provides residential home security system installation in DFW. While there is simplicity with working with the manufacturer’s service team, the cost is often more expensive and you forfeit your power of choice over which brand to use for which components of your home security system. A local security company can do it all including:

  • Security system installation and support
  • Digital keypad locks
  • Video intercom systems and cameras
  • High-security locks and deadbolts
  • Key creation and duplication
  • Recording and monitoring systems
  • And more! 

If you’re interested in improving home security for the new year and beyond, give the A-1 Locksmith team a call today at 972-284-7500.

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