A Look at the 3 Most Popular Types of Security Access Control

Posted on December 9, 2015 by A-1

Over the recent years, many have turned toward newer forms of security access control to utilize on the doors of their homes and businesses. And this is for good reason: many of these access systems provide for a greater level of security than traditional lock-and-key setups.

Of course, like anything else, each type of system has various benefits and drawbacks, all of which should be considered before purchase and installation. If you are interested in adding extra safety to your home or business, make sure to understand the specifics of these three most popular types of security access control systems before you make the final decision.

Card Access Systems

Perhaps one of the most commonly utilized security access control system involves the use of security cards that can be swiped to open the door. Once the access card is placed in front of the scanner, access is provided to the user and the door is then unlocked.

Naturally, this is a convenient way to eliminate the need for keys, and one that makes it significantly more difficult to overcome by burglars than a traditional lock. And keycard access can be granted or revoked remotely; as such, if you lose your card, there’s no need to worry about it ending up in the wrong hands. There is one drawback, however; if the scanner malfunctions or breaks altogether, access will be permanently denied to everyone until it is fixed.

Keypad Systems

In addition to card readers, keypads are also commonly seen adjacent to locks on homes and businesses. And, in general, these are extremely reliable; the door will only be unlocked once the correct sequence of numbers or letters is pressed.

Naturally, one downside to this is relatively evident; if the keypad number becomes common knowledge, it entirely defeats the purpose of the access system.

Biometric Scanners

Finally, with the recent popularization of biometric scanners, a number of companies have utilized this technology to work in conjunction with locks. And this type of system can be highly beneficial, as access is only given to those with a certain fingerprint, for example, the replication of which is nearly impossible.

But while fingerprint scanning can be highly accurate most often, difficulties may arise if the person’s finger has a substantial injury, or if the scanner or the finger is dirty.

Contact a Locksmith with Questions

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