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Posted on December 14, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Locksmith Dallas has a new breed of locks hitting the commercial and residential industry.Even though the old typical metal locks are still very popular there is an underlining of locks surfacing. These locks that A-1 Locksmith now has for the DFW community is the electronic lock.

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The electronic lock is literally a new generation of locks that have been created for us to have a more secure and keyless friendly door. This new kind of lock will allow the individual/s to get into their home or business without ever using a key to unlock the door.

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This new lock will allow you to do so many things. It allows you to create your own personal code for your door so that you can just type in the letters or numbers and your door lock will open.

Locksmith Dallas is very family friendly. It is a lot more secure than any other lock out there. It is basically lock picking proof. Since it is electronic the regular criminal can’t just pick it. They’d actually have to have a background in electronic lock making to be able to crack this lock. It is so advanced that not just anyone can crack it.

The electronic lock will defiantly give criminals a second thought about trying to enter your home illegally. They would actually have to break in through the window or door to enter your home and most burglars aren’t willing to risk that because the probability of them getting caught is very high. So Having this technological lock on your doors will increase safety.

Not only will it keep your family safe but you never have to worry about rekeying your home. No more worrying about losing your key or anything like that. It is a great evolution that has come about.

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