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Posted on November 24, 2010 by A-1

Locksmith Dallas scams have made local headlines for the past several weeks. In yesterday’s blog regarding these locksmith Dallas scams (“The Bait and Switch”), we highlighted the need to be proactive to prevent being scammed when you are most vulnerable (i.e. a lockout situation).  But you should also be aware of any “red flags” that can help alert you to a potential scam.

Common Red Flags for a Locksmith Dallas Scam

  • Changes the price for a service, particularly if the price increases when the company arrives to do the service.  Such a technique is called the “bait and switch.”
  • Insists on full payment before the service is completed—or one who will accept only cash payment.  Both scenarios are a recipe for disaster.  Legitimate businesses rarely make such requests.
  • Shows up in an unmarked car or van.  Most legitimate businesses have their logo or company name on their vehicles; it is a sign of permanence.
  • Only has a national phone number (and no local one) or does not have a local address.
  • Does not have a license – many states require licenses and Texas requires a locksmith Dallas license.
  • Does not have a company name or who is reluctant to give a name for his business.

If any of these red flags appear, then you are probably dealing with a scam artist. It is best not to continue service with that individual or business.

Unfortunately, we don’t always pay attention to these red flags or we don’t listen to our intuition.  When we have done business with a company or individual whom we believe has scammed us, sometimes there is little recourse for recouping our financial losses – but we can take steps to help others or to catch the locksmith Dallas scammer.

  • If you have used a credit card for payment, immediately report the incident to your card company.  Credit card companies are powerful entities, and they are interested in preventing anything that can cost them money.
  • File a Better Business Bureau report against the company or individual.
  • File a report with your state’s Attorney General or consumer protection division.

Often, there is little that can be done once a consumer has been scammed.  Thus, your best protection is being proactive and planning ahead.  And going with a proven and trusted locksmith Dallas company, like A-1, located in the DFW, Plano, and Arlington areas is always a safe bet!

A-1 Locksmith Dallas, available 24/7 for all your needs!  A-1 Locksmith Dallas are located at 2685 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX 75229(214) 350-2021.

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