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Posted on December 6, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Their are many Dallas locksmith businesses in Dallas Texas. A lot of them being small mom and pop shops that aren’t licensed or bonded. Some are even illegal and some are fakes, people just trying to scam you. But at A-1 Locksmith you never have to worry about any of those things; they are the most reliable locksmith in the DFW.

Dallas Locksmith is the # 1 business in the DFW  community. They are associated with the Associated Locksmiths of America and are highly respected in that community. Dallas Locksmith has only had 3 complaints in the past 3 years and all of them were successfully resolved in a timely manner.

Not only is Dallas Locksmith the # 1 Dallas locksmith but they are experienced with serving the city of Dallas. They set up shop over 60+ years ago and haven’t gone away since. Offering the highest level of professionalism and always learning the latest technology. They implement the most modern techniques and offer the latest locksmith equipment.

A-1 Locksmith guarantees customer satisfaction! CALL 972-284-7500 for more info!

Car dealerships will charge you $80 to $450 for just one transponder key! They don’t care about your financial needs and won’t give way of their prices. But Dallas Locksmith only will charge $40 to $175 for transponder keys. That is saving you over 50% than what you would get at your local car dealership. CALL 972-284-7500 for more info!

Many other organizations have tried to come to Dallas and become as successful as A-1 but none have come close. The other locksmiths don’t have the hard working spirit as A-1 does nor the pride in their company.

Dallas Locksmith not only deals with unlocking your vehicle, but they also program transponder keys, reprogram keys, and have car remotes for any model. They also provide high security locks for your homes, businesses, and churches. Dallas Locksmith has the latest security systems out there.

A-1 guarantees the lowest prices in the locksmith industry!

A-1 Locksmith – 2685 Walnut Hill Lane, Dalllas, TX 75229 – 972-284-7500
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